Priyanka Maharaj

Fresh Start


As the new trimester jitters began to loom I had no idea what I was in for. Trimester 3 in particular, my first Studio unit, was something that I had been warned about by trimester 4-5 students, who in essence, scared me senseless. Which at the time… I resented them for; however, they did prepare me for the harsh reality the facilitators bestowed unto their class on Day 1.

That first day hit me hard and honestly no sleep was found that night.

It’s now the end of week one and I’ve come out with only a few scratches. I’ve now found myself overseeing the massive workload (instead of being head-over-heels in it) and finally working out a schedule, of sorts, which I feel like (honestly) I will not stick to but at least I’ve paved a yellow brick road to follow, along with my wonderful facilitator for studio 1, who is I feel, adamant in wanting her students to succeed.

One very valuable thing I’ve learnt about in studio this week is the true meaning of creativity. When asked the meaning people generally say that creativity is to think “outside the box.”

“What box? How and what does it mean to think outside this bloody box?”

She made me think hard until she revealed, that to be creative was to perceive “things” in a way they haven’t previously been perceived. That is creativity. Too make something out of nothing. That is creativity. Now we can’t all be indie hipsters that create something new especially in film, we’re in the 21st century, most things that were to be created have been. However it is my job-your job-our job, to be innovative and proactive.  Well at least that is now my mindset going into this trimester now.

Side note: Whilst also completing a story telling exercise, I thought of an analogy for characters, which I hope hasn’t already been thought of. Please let me be indie.

Here it is…

A character is like the present you give to your audience. You carefully construct a meaningful and memorable gift which you then place in a box with a ribbon around it. The audience sees this present with the ribbon first (being the characters name) then the box (the physicality of the character) and finally the gift itself (the characters mentality, emotions, traits, strengths, weaknesses and motives)

Hope you understood where I was going with that indie analogy. Here’s to next week.

‘Till Next Time.