Priyanka Maharaj

Guard Up || Week 5,6&7


Ironically my last blog post was titled Organisation, that was posted years ago (not literally). Honestly, time is absolutely flying past; I am still on top of things, which is a positive. The two essays are completed as is my treatment and script. Editing my sound project is seeming tedious and I’m loosing interest in it fast, so I am hoping to finish that within the next few days.

I’m going to cover 3 weeks worth off updates and recaps in this blog, how exciting.

Week 5 saw the opening of my eyes in terms of proper production etiquette. With Simon leading an informative directing masterclass. I was assigned the boring but crucial role of “conti” on set, which allowed me to sit back and take in the process of blocking and rehearsing wit actors before allowing the cinematography team onto set and set up lights and cameras.

Week 6 entailed a lot of strenuous essay writing, procrastination and editing of the footage collated from week 5. Not much to be said about a non-productive week.

Week 7 sees the beginning of study weeks and my attention has been turned to the other subject, that I have or so long forgotten about. To be completely honest, I am finding it a bit of a wast of time and money but I can’t complain. The end is near.

The short film production is coming along nicely, week 7 has seen things fall into place and into a nice schedule. The actors are cast, the crew understands what is needed of them, so I shouldn’t be worrying right? Wrong? I am the biggest worry wart. The odds have been in our favour thus far and I think that’s got everyone lowering the guard and becoming to “laxed” about things. At the moment, I’m trying to prepare myself for actors that will pull out at the last minute, whilst the director isn’t too worried, I’m not letting my guard down. I’m also preparing myself for the madness of the three production days which are of long hours that most crew members are a little unhappy about. I’ve tried to schedule the days systematically and productively, but also realistically. Which has so far translated well with the actors that I have contacted. A short production meeting was held for myself, the director and our sound guys who are very much keen for the production. Again, I’m not letting my guard down.