Priyanka Maharaj

Nearing The End


We are just one week away from the end of this hectic yet fun trimester. The short film is edited and ready for its screening at the universities expedition night. The group and I are so incredibly proud to have such a great short film, finished and wrapped up with a bow around it. I sure do hope too share it with you soon!

Heres a little teaser.

I have learnt so very much about my peers and their talents. I’ve also gained a little insight into my strengths and weaknesses. After seeing how much I have invested into this wonderful short film, I’ve also come to  realise that I have completely pushed other creative projects to the side. Not that they were special or anything they were just… for me I guess…and I’ve missed that. I haven’t been able to make those random little videos I used to make as a form of practice and too increase my skill level, if you will.

Well actually I did actually make a random video for an CIU assignment. I mean it wasn’t supposed to be random because it was an assignment but compared to others, I went a little overboard. Oh! I also got me results back for it today and I received a HD! Which I am absolutely thrilled with. In the video I talk about fans and fandom’s and their importance/influence on content creators such as myself. A lot of effort went into the video and whilst the audio isn’t the best and it may seem cheesy; I love it and clearly my lecturer did too.

Heres a snapshot of the behind the scenes. I had to get creative with what I had. I filmed using my Iphone which I taped to the two rulers and balanced on top of the white plank.

Check out the video down below.

Now that I’m near the end, Im hoping to create more videos and really expanding my knowledge with adobe softwares such as illustrator and after effects. During the break I am traveling all around Fiji, which I hope to record and edit; sort of like a cinematographic reel or something. Now with the pressure of gaining an internship the more that I can provide for a reel; the better the chances are for me in receiving an internship. I also plan to get back into Bollywood film reviews; I have actually  talked to a local Indian radio station who would love me on board to talk about movies and all things Bollywood! I am so very excited for that! 🙂

I really don’t have much too say apart from the fact that I am so incredibly happy with all that I have achieved and now know what I need too work on in preparation for my next and final year of film school.