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Cobain || Montage Of Heck


The 2015 Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck documentary directed by Brett Morgen sheds light onto Cobain’s colourful life. With Morgen and his team given access to the entirety of Cobain’s personal and family archives, with full compliance by his family,  the audience is given a very intimate look at his life.

Why do you think Morgen chose animation to depict aspect’s of Cobain’s life?

It’s as thought Morgen wanted to creatively visuals Cobain’s words. To show the beautiful tragedy that was Cobain’s life whilst almost having a sense of innocence and Cobain’s wanting of normality and simplicity. Cobain had always love drawing, graffiti and defacing things, Morgen wanted to reflect a sense of this; thus in the aspects of Cobain’s life that have been motivated in the documentary, it’s expressing Cobain’s words creatively through this rough, street art type animatics, much like how he drew.  Those aspects of his life were often dark and full of raw emotions and Cobain would usually creatively express his feelings.

Was this a more authentic representation of Cobain’s creative process?

I believe it was a very authentic and accurate representation of Cobain’s creative process. He was a raw, emotionally complicated, energetic person and its as if the animations reflect Cobain’s true creativity/soul.

How has this documentary been received by film critics and Nirvana fans?

The film was received with very positive reviews from both film critics and the adoring fans. “A fascinating mix of archival and new materials creates a virtual autobiography for legendary grunge trio Nirvana’s late leader,” a quote by film critic for, Dennis Harvey. The film review site, Rotten Tomatoes, even gave the film a 98% rating. Fans of leaving mostly positive comments on sites reviewing the film, “Montage of Heck isn’t an investigation into its subject’s death so much as an homage to his creativity and life force — it’s tender and sad,” a quote by Adam Nayman, Nirvana fan. The film although did cop a little, a close friend of Cobain’s; Buzz Osborne, called the film “mostly misguided fiction.” Mike Hale


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