Finding Inspiration : For Debbie

Finding inspiration for any project often requires to look upon existing pieces of work. In search for inspiration and often watching many documentaries I thought would influence me due to their credible directors often wasn’t the case; Michael Moore’s documentaries being among them. Surprisingly, well too me at least, it was the documentaries I watched purely out of pleasure that in turn turned on the lightbulb in my mind.


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Michael Moore: A Critical Look

I’ve grown up watching documentaries, from nature documentaries narrated by the soulful voice of David Attenborough too the countless historical documentaires exploring ancient civilisations. Admittedly, before entering the world of documentary making, I watched documentaries as a form of entertainment and an educational tool. I never cared for who made the documentary, how it was created or even what style of documentary it was. So I found it both interesting to the read the article by Michael Moore on the IndieWire website.

Michael Moore – Bowling For Colombine shoot. 

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Update || Weeks 8, 9, 10 & 11

Pri Pri, where have you been? Fear not, for I am here… until I get bombarded again with work and leave you in the dark. I am sorry, but brace yourself; this one is going to be a bit of a long one.


So we’re in week 11, in week 7 (final week of pre-production) everything had been going so smoothly, what could possible go wrong? We breathed too soon and we hit the biggest road block that saw my teams hopes go from 100-0; real quickly, well at least mine did.

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Guard Up || Week 5,6&7

Ironically my last blog post was titled Organisation, that was posted years ago (not literally). Honestly, time is absolutely flying past; I am still on top of things, which is a positive. The two essays are completed as is my treatment and script. Editing my sound project is seeming tedious and I’m loosing interest in it fast, so I am hoping to finish that within the next few days.

I’m going to cover 3 weeks worth off updates and recaps in this blog, how exciting.

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